2 Days tour in Chicago

4 Jul

Before I came to Chicago, I Google the best museum we should go in Chicago. The Field museum is on the top. Here we go, the Field Museum is my first destination and is located in the 1400 south, Lake Shore Drive, Chicago.

The view standing in front of Field Museum

After crossing the big park and getting up to the stairs of Field museum , I turned back and looked the view including the shinny grassland, blue sky, Michigan lake ,people walking along the lake and birds flying around. I felt so exciting about this wonderful moment I had. Then I decided to walk along to the lake to the next destinations.

Sue: The biggest and longest!

Getting inside to the museum, the first architecture stands proudly in front of me—the most famous 67 million year old Tyrannosaurus Rex Fossilized dinosaur Sue named by the person first discovered her in a desert. She is such a tall and her body is just like a mold. According to the 3D video I watched, I just felt so face to face earthshaking and she is a king of dinosaur!

There are nearly 25 million artifacts in museum collections, the different earas showing the architecture from all over the world. Horse areas showing the interesting relationship with human. “Puny but clever, enterprising humans needed an animate energy source that was both mobile and controllable—hence the domestic horse,” says exhibition curator Ross MacPhee of the American Museum of Natural History. “What no one could have foreseen was that, over the millennia, while we molded the horse to our ends, the horse also molded us by changing the scale and scope of what could be carried, traded, fought over, or used to make life better—in short, civilization as we know it.”

India Horse

The story line wants to let us know how the horse became the close relations with human start in the earlier ages. People treat horse as the transportation in the past and also are a symbol of their host. In the recent yearsI also explore a full suit of armor from 15th-century Germany and a horse-drawn fire engine from the 19th century.

cruise view

The cruise experience is really wonderful for me to watch a short performance by Soprano Nancy Gustafson and Baritone Paul La Rosa. The depart time is 6pm. I planned to take a bus to there. But the weather is so nice, therefore I just walk along the shiny lake even it was a long walk. I never felt that long! I liked the feeling staying in the cruise and looking around the view in front of me. But the show was nice as well, please see my short video:

Goodman theatre

The Goodman theatre is located in the 170 North Dearborn Street and near to Michigan avenue, is also a nice place to go. I went to there to see a “Chinglish” show which was basically talked about a American businessman went to China and wanted to get a sign correction job. He need to talk to the government but the misunderstanding of language and culture shook gave him a trouble and let him learn new things in his life. I strongly recommend everyone to go to have a look!

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top 5 things to tap millions to tell your story

3 Jul

According to the Scott (2010), 20 to 30 percent of marketing and PR people read blogs and more than 30 percent of them have their blog. In many cases , a lot of people are looking into the potential of blogging as a form of marketing for their offline business. This is the modern and efficient way to make money nowadays. Let’s look at the top 5 things need to focus on the blogging building.

Top 5:  Levels the Playing Field.

There is no doubt that great brands becoming great publisher. “Publishing is a powerful vehicle to draw an audience to your brand. This means delivering not simply advertising content. Now it is a publication – with fresh, relevant industry and even community driven content – that becomes a compelling marketing vehicle itself”, according to Jomar Reyes.Therefore, content is the marketing tools to attract the audience to visit your blog. You have to know the needs of your target audiences and what they expect to know from blogging information.

Top 4:  Brand building or rebuiding

Internet users generally have more right to speak and the ability to disseminate information, corporate reputation is more vulnerable and can become a corporate blog to clarify the facts. the reputation management for the first channel, of course, in the process we need to draw attention to their remarks to make sure wether the those saying affect the reputation of company or personally. The quick response is also the big point for building the good reputation for the positive image.

Top 3: Provides connectivity

Build customer communication channels, through the posting and recovery methods, employees can communicate directly with customers to access market information.

Top 4:  Leadership change their mind

Business blog or corporate blog updated once set a staff opinion leaders will be more information visibility, more customers and the recognition and affirmation.

Therefore, the representative of the company plays much more important role than others. According to the survey, the dressing, personalities, everything happened in this person could represent the image of the company.

Top5 : Marketing view

Through communication with customers, it forms a long-standing relationship with customers, and plays very important  role on marketing relationship. The good example is the blog of McDonald’s which open for discussion page and focus on social responsibility for customers. what they did was asked their customers to monitor the quality of the food and gave the quick feedback on their page. This is the most  efficient and reliable way for both customers and employees to know the opinion from each other.And it is also beneficial to build the credibility to the society to attract more potential customers in the near future.

Please see more about my post: http://newmediadl.com/homework/242/61748

This is a interesting video to show how to get traffic for blog:

China’s 30 years reform, good or bad?

30 Jun
Countryside in China, But China used to be like this in most of areas

Countryside in China. But China used to be like this in the most of areas.

When I look back on my childhood I often reminisce about the time I spent at my grandparents’ house which was pretty small and covered by scale tiles. They lived near the downtown where every family only had a bicycle and few of them were proud of their private cars. But this was way back in the end of 80’s when people could start feeling the changing of the life. As a little young girl remembering the farms all around, people crossing the farms and visiting to each other is the most convenient way to communicate, and people baking home after finishing farming, the common entertainment were listening radio and watching black and white television. However 30 years are not a long span of time, but China has experienced earthshaking changes in transportation and technology as a result of 30 years´ opening-up and reform. These changes benefit the country in many aspects.

Black and white TV. Source from RenMIN.com

Black and white TV. Source from people.com.com

China is different today than it was regarding transportation. Before the country reforms, there are around a half a billion bicycles in China—about 1 bicycle per household. People went to short distance by walk or bicycle; if they visited other cities with long distance, they had to take the poor train system which costs much and took long time with limited seats. Despite this, many goods at that time were commonly moved by carts and wagons or pulled by tractors or bicycles. As a New York Times reporter wrote: “Bicycles can be found on every street, and they come in an array of shapes, sizes and uses. There are bikes with cargo beds that carry everything from bags to trash to new sofa sets. Children bounce on the luggage rack behind their parents, and older women teeter on even older bikes.” But as time goes by, transportation in china has improved significantly. The hard situation in poor transportation system were about to change.

Chong Wang, Electric seller, who is talking with her customers.

Nowadays new transportation plays a vital role on changing the way people live and improving the country’s economy. Compared to 30years ago, instead of bicycle, Electric bikes have become very popular in recent years. “This Electric bike only Cost $200 and it can reach a top speed of 30kph and go 50 kilometers on a single charge of electricity that costs 16 cents.” Said by Chong Wang who have sold the Electric bike for 5 years. He also mentions lead-based batteries last about a year and can be recycled, which is much more environmental and energy-saving for the country. Moreover, according to the research, about 20 million e-bicycles were sold each year in 2007 and 2008; thus, this large sale gives high profit to the country’s economy. Moreover, as people become wealthier, the situation of a bicycle per household changes to a car per household.

Hua Li is addicted to computer now, she is using a Facebook to do the game.

Today it is very popular for young people to surf on line. “I feel terrible when I leave the computer away”, said by Hua LI, 18 years old boy, is addicted to the computer games and chatting with online friends. However, 30-50 years ago, people only had limited options, sending mail from the post office or making phone calls to each other. We now have a wide variety of communication devices accessible to us so that we are never out of touch. For example, people could connect to each other by sending email or talking on the internet.

During the last 30-50 years, China, as one of the fastest grow economies in developing countries, provided plenty of opportunities for people who wanted to start entrepreneurships. This is the magic moment for Chinese people to start making a lot of money with zero funding. Therefore, after 30-50 years of this moment some businessmen are very wealthy now. In this case, many Chinese people could save and spend extra money on luxury clothing, cars and houses. Moreover, extra money enable them to live with a better a quality life, for example, they are able to travel around the world or participate with various sporting clubs. This is much better than 30-50 years ago when most Chinese people had to earn money for to pay their rent and basic food needs.

Shu Lan, Professor of Health Care

Dose a better quality of life bring all positive aspects for people nowadays? The answer is no. while living a better life, people are taking advantage of online shopping, watching television and using convenient transportation. Shu Lan, the professor of Heath Care, said that lack of doing exercise for a long time easily to attack the overweight and obesity. Moreover, today in 2002 people life seem to be so interconnected with the ways that technology has been able to bridge the gap in communications. People prefer communicate through internet instead of talking face to face. In addition, the increasing air pollution and traffic jams are resulted from the rise of using transportation nowadays in China. The faster economy grows, the better quality life people could have. Thus people earn extra money could afford to buy a private car, which is one of the essential causes of traffic jams in rush hours especially in some metropolitan cities, like Shanghai and Beijing.

 With the development of economy, transportation and technology, the way of people live has changed significantly compared to the last 30-50 years. Those changes enable people to have a better life style but also bring negative effects some of which are raised to be very popular issue nowadays. For example, people are more easily getting overweight and obesity; people are taking advantages of technology but lack of communication; people are using transportation cause air pollution and traffic jams in the 21st century. The best solution for those issues are that people should be encouraged to balance life and work, doing exercise regularly, visit friends and family instead of email or Skype, going out with public transportation or creating cleaner car for future use.

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Assignment from JRN891

30 Jun

  1. Explain how the link economy works. What is the significance of the link economy for journalism?
  2. What is crowdsourcing and how can it help journalism?
  3. Explain what cognitive surplus is and how it could change the world?
  4. Compare and contrast the blogging process illustrated below with the traditional mainstream media journalism process. What are the strengths and weakness.
  5. Matt Thompson suggests there are three important elements of a news story journalists neglect to include. What are they and explain why they might be important. How can Web 2.0 tools help?


The link economy is a situation where the newsrooms of various new organizations share information with each other and this provides credibility to the news stories reported by individual newsrooms.  The working of the link economy lies in the fact that news organizations accommodate the links of rival sites on their web pages which users can then click on in order to obtain other news or similar news from these rival sites (Karp 2008).  In a sense, it can be said that each news webpage that is involved with the link economy acts as a filter for other news reported by other sites and this is certainly an arrangement that inspires new readers online to keep patronising a particular site since ‘linking’ creates more credibility for individual sites as whole (Karp 2008).   Furthermore, it can be said that the linking economy in journalism works by giving individual sites the ability to draw in readers via the credibility they have obtained by linking with other sites and ensuring that these readers keep coming back to site as a result.

On the whole, it can be said that the linking economy in journalism is all about the mutual linking between new organization and each organization within the network acting as a guide to the news which is being reported by other sites.  As such, there is a scenario where each news sites is exchanging traffic with other news sites, thus gaining more notoriety and attention for the news being reported online (Karp 2008).

The sum effect of this is that journalism benefits since it increases not just the credibility of news reported, but also increases the reach which individual news organizations can enjoy.  This point is very crucial because traditionally, news reported on the web has not had as much trust as other sources of news.  Furthermore, few people have relied on online sources of news as their preferred choice of obtaining new information (Karp 2008).


Crowd sourcing can simply be defined as a scenario where news organizations use large groups of readers to broadcast a news story.  It is important to mention that there is a crucial distinction between this type news reporting and traditional new reporting where a reporter or group of reporters work manually to gather news (Zook 2010, p 8).  The main difference here is that crowd sourcing uses an automated intermediary like a website for example.  A very good example of crowdsourcing was carried out not by a news establishment but the U.S Geological survey which used its ‘Di you Feel it’ feature enabled it to obtain volunteer reports which were submitted online about the severity of earthquakes in various zip codes across the US (Zook 2010, p 8).  When news rooms requests views to send in photos, videos or eyewitness accounts, this can also be described as form of crowdsourcing.

In terms of the impact of crowdsourcing on journalism, it can be said that it has had some important overall benefits.  Examples of such benefits include the exploration of problems in an efficient and cost effective manner, the ability of news organizations to benefit from talents which are unavailable within their organization at little or no cost and giving news organizations the opportunity to gain some insight in to the thoughts and desires of their audience (Zook 2010, p 8). Crowdsourcing can also help journalism as a whole by allowing news organizations to form a sort of brand building relationship with their local communities.  However, there are also some negative impacts which crowdsourcing has had on the journalism profession.  This mainly stems from the fact that sometimes the quality of the news which emerges from crowdsourcing is lacking in quality.  It has also been criticised for being exploitative to some degree since some news organizations often use it to get free if not cheap labour (Zook 2010, p 8).  Hence, on the whole, it can be said that crowd sourcing can be both helpful and a hindrance to journalism.


Cognitive surplus can be said to be a theory that postulates a shift in the behavioral pattern of individuals.  It suggests that since the 1940s, people have been burgeoning spare time on their hands and they have changed their behavioral pattern from being consumers to being collaborators (Shirky 2010, p 4).  The theory also postulates that the introduction of new technologies such as the Internet and other online tools and networks have facilitated this change in the attitudes and behaviours of consumers.  As a result, people are engaging in more creative activities and are collaborating with each other via online tools that facilitate the sharing of information and networking.  All this means that people are engaging in less activities such as watching TV and doing more things like creating videos online, blogging and Lolcats.  The surplus time, spare brain cycles and the creativity associated with the use of this surplus time is termed cognitive surplus (Shirly 2010, p 3).

In terms of how cognitive surplus is changing the world, it is clear that this phenomenon has led to new forms of human collaboration in general which has led to people becoming more productive and shifting aware from mundane activities like blogging.  The theorist who postulated cognitive, Clay Shirky surplus suggests that cognitive surplus can change the world since it can cause people to become more collaborative to form effective partnerships that would lead to social change through mass crowdsourcing (Shirky 2010, p 2).  He suggests that as a whole, society will be a lot better off from a behavioral and social perspective.  In short, by people using more of their previously unused brain power, they will be helping build a society that is more cooperative and more communal in nature and this will enhance society as a whole through the explosion of content that would emerge from the productive and collaborative activities which people engage in.


First of all, it can be said that the blogging process as illustrated has some similarities with the traditional mainstream media journalism process in a fundamental sense.  It is quite clear that both of these processes involved the thinking/discussing of ideas for a story, the obtaining of information of the story via means of interviews, and writing or reporting the story in question (Adam 2007, p 13).  However, there are some differences that exist between these two processes.  One of these variations stems from the fact that the traditional mainstream media journalism process does not usually give a platform that allows the audience or the readership to provide commentary of the story that has been told or written.  At the same time, there are no mechanisms for follow-ups and very few opportunities for correction with the traditional mainstream journalism process.  This is of course, not the case with the blogging process as illustrated.  In addition to these, through things linking, blogging has more propensities for crowdsourcing than the traditional mainstream media journalism process.

The main strength of the blogging process stems from the fact that it allows for crowd sourcing and at the same time, it can be said that one of the main weaknesses of the traditional journalism process is that it does not allow for much crowdsourcing.  Another strength of the blogging process resides in the fact that it allows for corrections to be made and conversely, this is weakness of the traditional journalism process since one story are reported, there is little room for corrections to be made.


According to Matt Thompson, there are 4 elements which journalists need to adhere to when reporting the news, however, viewers or the audience tend to only get one of these elements which is a report on the occurrence that just happened recently.  The other 3 elements of news reporting are completely ignored by journalists according to him (Poynter 2011).  One of these 3 elements that are left ignored by journalism today is the long-standing fact that form the foundation of the news that they are reporting.  Another element that is often missed relates to the fact that journalists do not mention where they got their news sources from and lastly, journalists leave out the things which are left unanswered or are unknown in their new reports (Poynter 2011).

It is important to find out the long standing facts which are associated with news stories because it allows the viewer to manage their understanding of the story in a more effective way than by always giving the new occurrences associated with the news on a regular basis.  Furthermore, by giving the audience an idea of how the news stories was obtained in the first place, journalists will be able to make their stories more credible and will also be adding more value to the audience.  Giving information about parts of the news that remain unknown allows the audience to anticipate the changes that will come next as far as that news story I concerned.  At the same time, it can help increase the overall information of that particular news story on the whole (Poynter 2011).

There is no doubt that on the whole, Web 2.0 tools can help rectify this situation because it is an application which facilitates collaborations and the sharing of information.  At the same time, Web 2.0 tools such as facebook, twitter and the like have user-oriented design which means that the exact needs and requirements of users can be met as the users can become submerged in to the information that is being shared (McAfee 2006, p 21).  Under these circumstances, the market for journalism can be enlarged, the appeal of journalism can also be increase as well as the overall appetite for journalism since the viewer will be participating more with the news and in a sense, contributing to the news as a whole (McAfee 2006, p 21).  Therefore, it is clear that these tools have a good potential to solve the problems highlighted by Matt Thompson as discussed above.


Poynter (2011) retrieved from: http://www.poynter.org/latest-news/top-stories/97913/the-three-key-parts-of-news-stories-that-are-usually-missing/ on June 29 2011

Zook, M (2010) “Volunteered Geographic Information and Crowdsourcing Disaster Relief: A Case Study of the Haitian Earthquake,” World Medical & Health Policy: Vol. 2: Iss. 2, Article 2, p 8

Shirky, C (2010). Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age. Penguin. pp. 1–3

Karp, S (2008) ‘Newspapers and the linking economy’, retrieved from: http://www.journalism.co.uk/news-features/newspapers-and-the-link-economy–scott-karp-on-launching-publish2/s5/a532603/ on June 30 2011

McAfee, A. (2006). Enterprise 2.0: The Dawn of Emergent Collaboration. MIT Sloan Management review. Vol. 47, No. 3, p. 21

Adam, P (2007) Eyetracking the News: A Study of Print and Online Reading.St. Petersburg: The Poynter Institute, 2007, p13

MSU magic transformation from Milk to Ice cream

28 Jun

It was quite interesting to do the project two mouth ago and follow how milk transfer to ice cream in the Michigan State University.

Please click my google map here.

Visit more pictures , please click my photos here.

Please see this video below:

 First step: The forst place we went is the Cow-Calf Teaching Research Center to see where was the fresh milk come from.

 Cattle research Center, the growing place is in the back.

The mission of Beef cattle are bred and raised at Michigan State University to provide students with work experience in breeding, feeding, management and merchandizing of quality beef cattle as well as to furnish examples of high performance modern type cattle for selection and evaluation courses. Each year over 700 students are enrolled in classes utilizing cattle from this units.

The main barn was moved to its present location from the main MSU campus in 1954. It contains a small classroom plus pens and feed storage for the cattle that are housed here.

Approximately 125 cows and their calves are maintained on the main location. The cows calve in January, February, March and April and calves are weaned in September, October and November.

Second step: The Dairy Processing Plant:

The Dairy Plant is equipped to process a variety of natural cheeses, cultured dairy products and ice cream in a state-of-the-art processing system. Products are offered for sale to the public and to other M.S.U. food service outlets through the Dairy Store. The different type of Chesses is really attractive!

Last step: Diary Store

The MSU Dairy Store at Anthony Hall serves 32 flavors and the Union Store serves 20 flavors on a rotating basis. Choose one you like!

my favorite blogger Leo Babauta

27 Jun

Leo Babauta is my favorite blogger (http://zenhabits.net/ ). His bolg named by his belief Zen Habits. Leo lives in Guam, US. He  is a six children’s father. I started to read his blog everyday from the beginning of 2008. Zenhabits now has more than 130,000 followers.Leo also wrote some books, such as Zen To Done, and The Power Of Less. He is a full-time writer, marathon runner, vegetarian, since he resigned last year then he committed to writing a book, write a blog, do what he loves to do. Babauta’s wildly successful Technorati Top 50 blog earned him over 36,000 subscribers in just a year.


What makes their writing important?

The reason I really love his blog, because his blog always tell people how to live easier and do things we love to do. The recent interview about him: “What advice would you give a young entrepreneur starting up there first business?”

Make sure it’s something you’re passionate about — do it because you love it, not just to make money. If you do it for the money, you’ll eventually get tired of it and then you’ll be doing something you hate … and you can only do that for so long. If you love doing it, you’ll be more likely to sustain your energy and really work to make it a
success, because if you succeed, then you can keep doing something you love for long.

Also, a word about fear: what stops us from pursuing our dreams is fear … fear of failure, fear that people will laugh at us, fear that we won’t be good enough. But if we let fear stop us, then we will never be able to pursue our dreams and make them a reality, never be able to do what we love doing for a living. You have to learn to overcome the fear and pursue your passion.”


From what he say, many people follow and leave a massage about what they learn from his simple saying. What I admire most about Leo is that he walks the walk when it comes to living a simple life. He’s a carless vegan who buys his clothes in Goodwill Stores – except for his undies.

project for CAS: studyabroad.com

27 Jun

Organization or Business Name: studyabroad.com


Annual Operating Budget:  $50,000


Project Title: help international students


Requested amount from Knight News Challenge:  $30,000


Expected amount of time to complete project: 1 year (half year for data building and collection and half year for testing and operation)


Total cost of project including all sources of funding: $45,000


Describe your project
(1800 characters)

Why I want to build this project?

I want to build a general website with professional links that connects between the High Schools and Universities in China and High schools Universities in US.


Personal experience: This idea is coming from my personal experiences. Before I came to US,  I was struggling with many issues, for example, what major is best for me, which location of university is quite and safe, which hall is best for living and shopping, where can find the Chinese Society and who I could get help when I first arrive? Many issues nearly stop me to go abroad because I have no idea what US would looks like. Even through I found many website saying something relevant to my inquiries but are they reliable? This thing also happened to my younger brother who wanted to study in high school. Many agents pointed out some “good” high school for him. But those recommendation come from the agent self interest or means for real?


Marketing view: Additionally, many Chinese getting wealthier than 20 years ago. Sending their kids to study abroad is the major trend for next ten years according to the news from Chinese Economic Journal. US, as the most developed country, is the best choice for many families want to send their kids to.


What is the purpose of this project?

This is the primary reason why I want to build a professional website connection to students in China and students in US. This website is not only provide professional information about cities, Universities, living, eating in China and US, but also provide a stage for discussion ( by providing blogs, tweets and Facebook links) between Chinese students living and studying in China, American students living and studying in China, Chinese students living and studying in America and American students living and studying in America. Those benefits are that information about cities, living and Universities comes from variety sources and real person’s opinion could make more sense and neutral image to students, also making friend is much easier through this website by allowing students log in by using Facebook User name.


What this project would looks like?

The website could divided to two parts : High Schools and Universities in US, High Schools and University in China. I found a good example of US page : http://www.goabroad.com/ , but this website dose not give the stage for audiences’ opinion. I also saw some blogs and websites which allow the audiences leave massage by free, in this case, audiences do not feel responsible for what they wrote. The only way to reduce this problem is allowing them log in by Facebook which also benefit for network building. The website also provide the direct link to the Universities. The most important parts is building the Datebase for High Schools and Universities in China in English version and build Chinese version for the US schools


The costs is quite low.

  1. 1.     The major costs is the labor costs : I like to hire  four  Chinese people in order to cut off the labour costs, they could work at home and arrange their best time to work, in this case, I could hire someone who want to do part-time job:

One is responsible for data collection: may need to travel in some cases

One is good at website design: responsible for the Website design and management

One is responsible to manage the information from other’s collection

One is for language translation (as I talked above, some Chinese website has no English version)


  1. 2.     Operation costs: employee who may need transportation fees


Where the profit comes from? I think those comes from advertising from High School and Universities in China and US, flights information


How will your project improve the way news and information are delivered

(750 characters)

This website provide a huge stage for information sharing and two way communication. Firstly, people to people, people to schools means students could easily find the best information they want either from the information we build or direct link from the School and Universities, also the opinions from the students who have experiences to sharing their ideas. Secondly, school to schools, schools to people means schools in the US could know the information about schools in China, after they know each other, they could communicate by delivering the study abroad program or internship or anything related. But communication based on they know each other so well, not only from public resource but also the real communication under line. School to people means Schools know the require and needs of the students through the conversation on the pages or blogs. They could take immediate reaction about what the inquiries of students. Thirdly, students could find the link page about advertisement about flights. For example, if there is a blog say Dalta is the best flight, then we will put the advertisement nearby to access easier.


How is your idea innovative? (New or different from what already exists)
(750 characters)

Actually this is not a new idea, because more than thousands of pages are in Google talk about studying in China and US. Most of them are the agents, specially when I type the Chinese words about study in the US, I found it all about different website about the agent they want to attract the Chinese Student.


However, this idea is coming from my personal experiences, I found many links about study abroad, tips to study abroad, studying at US. But there is no website to link those website together and into a one professional and reliable link as I mentioned before.


What experience do you or your organization have to successfully develop this project?
(1600 characters)

Firstly, I have beholder degree in UK for 4 years and 2 years in US, I know many process of how to apply Universities by their own (they do not need to get help from agent )and many program may benefits to students (but they do not know much about them). My personal experiences help me to get aware of how to build connection to each others, how important for this. In additional, this project could develop to different nations like UK, EU. I have many friends around the world, I could get some information from them.


Secondly, I am in US I could do the marketing research to know what the best interest of America students. In order to attract the audiences coming to the website, I could do the US market first and make a gole and marketing plan with my collagues.


Thirdly, I have some friends who are good at website design and translation may help a lot in the starting point.